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Health Care 

Super Splendide supports healthcare institutions in adopting immersive Tools.

Super Splendide trains healthcare professionals with the use of virtual reality

Super Splendide leads a Community of Practice for healthcare professionals and scientists who use immersion.

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VR technology
Adoption Support
Helping facilities health care facilities integrate immersive technologies to their processes
  • A turnkey service for virtual reality equipment

  • Guidelines of processes and logistics

  • Hygiene infection prevention measures

  • IT and cybersecurity expertise

Our support for institutions has been developed through pilot implementation projects with various Health Care and Social Services in Quebec, Canada. We deployed virtual reality in 50 long-term facilities in this early stage. Over the years, we have also assisted and collaborated with palliative care homes, respite care homes and museum institutions.

Training for VR in
Health Care
For professionnals & Caregivers
  • Our training app aims to make health care professionals confident and creative with virtual reality, turning this technology into new tools for their practice.

  • Familiarizing with the VR device

  • Basic functions and advanced settings

  • Safety, hygiene and infection prevention measures

  • Ensuring users' comfort

  • Assistance methods (play-based relationship)

  • Using Super Splendide apps

  • Tips on logistics

Starting with the basics, we introduce virtual reality concepts as well as device functionalities. We then assist professionals getting the hang of things until they learn how to conduct an enjoyable VR sessions.

Community of Practice
A network of professionals
As well as an access to useful material
  • Consulting services

  • Discussion forum

  • Tutorials and documentation

  • Directory of tested and categorized applications

  • 360 videos playlists

  • Etc.

The Community of Practice provides access to a network of professionals with whom to exchange best practices trough the use of immersive technology in health care and long-term residences. Scientists are also part of the community. In addition to this sharing network, we provide information on available apps, and members have access to a wealth of tutorials and documents.

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