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Pain Management:
Medical Hypnosis + 
Virtual Reality

A non-pharmacological analgesia tool

In collaboration with researchers, clinicians and patients partners, Super Splendide is currently developing a virtual reality pain management application using medical hypnosis.

This approach aims to establish a clinical program that will enable patients to produce an optimal response to hypnotic suggestions for analgesia and comfort. Following the principles of precision medicine, our goal is to use a dynamic adaptive approach based on the profile and self-regulation capabilities of patients to maximize the potential of medical hypnosis. In fact, our approach will allow patients to deepen the effects of the hypnotic trance through virtual reality, then learn to maintain this state using neurofeedback. We will then use a set of signal analysis techniques and machine learning in artificial Intelligence to identify EEG signal characteristics that facilitate the emergence of an effective response tailored to each patient.

This combination of hypnosis, virtual reality, neurofeedback and artificial intelligence will offer an alternative to conventional approaches to pain treatment.

More details to come soon...

Collaborating With

This project is the subject of a research program of the Super Sublime Inter-university Research Center (PRISS)

Current Developments
  • Basic platform design.

  • Initial version of real-time modulation tools for the hypnosis session.

  • Testing with clinicians.

Still Ahead
In 2024
  • First round of testing with myeloma patients at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital.

  • Based on initial results, iteration of the application first version.

  • First phase of EEG and neurofeedback signal evaluation.

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